I am David Clough, a mobile DJ based in Glen Allen, Virginia. I’m available to DJ your private parties, school events, and wedding receptions.  I am licensed and insured in the state of Virginia. I charge a flat rate of $50 an hour with no surprise fees.  Sometimes I DJ with Alfonso Favale (aka “Funky Fresh Fonfi”… the guy on the right in the photo).

Why so cheap?

My slogan is “Can’t we just dance?” and I believe that people should be able to afford to hire a DJ to host their parties so they can focus on what’s really important… dancing!  I don’t earn my livelihood from DJ-ing (I’m a full-time elementary teacher), so this is something I do because I love music.

What types of music do you play?

My favorite type of music is rave music (hence the name, DJ Dave RAVE).  However, I realize that most people aren’t familiar with that style of music, so I’m happy to play whatever kind of music you request.  I have built a fairly large library of songs (over 5,000), and as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection I can download most songs that I don’t have. One caveat, as a Christian I cannot play music that has explicit lyrics.  You can see the playlists from my recent gigs by clicking the Playlists link.

What is your setup like?

I have Samson Live! powered speakers, a Behringer Xenyx mixer, a MacBook Pro with Algoriddim Djay software, a disco ball with LED light, a Chauvet Double Derby X for additional lighting effects, a microphone for announcements, and a fog machine.  My system is loud enough for both indoor and outdoor events. You can see my setup in action on many of my videos.

What’s with the wings and wigs?

I got started DJ-ing in elementary schools since I’m an elementary teacher.  One of my first gigs was a Halloween party at the school where I taught (you can see a video of it here). I wore the wings and wigs as part of my costume. Everyone seemed to like it so I continued wearing it to my early  gigs.  Now people often ask me to bring the wings and wigs, but I don’t wear them unless requested 🙂

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